Stainless Steel Hidden Blade Tactical Gloves

  • The Enforcer Tactical Gauntlet is a fierce adversary against those who want to try you and they won’t even see it coming
  • The integrated, stainless steel OTF knife has a 6”, razor-sharp, dagger-style blade with partial serrations and a piercing point
  • Access the blade with the push button slider, which gives you the option to adjust the blade’s extension from its metal sheath
  • Each of the two 5 1/2”, one-piece stainless steel throwing knives has a 2 3/4” blade with a needle-sharp penetrating point
  • The arm sheath is constructed of PU and nylon canvas and fastens securely onto the forearm with Velcro and quick release buckle straps

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cool look

The metallic texture is great, the more I look at it, the more I like it

Kanoa Edayan

I finally got this and I love it so much.

Joshua Lafosse

Got this yesterday and it is exactly as described. The blade action is smooth with no catching or hickups. The throwing knives are a bit small but they are SHARP. Thank you!

Corey Ward

I stabbed a tree full force and everything held up very beautifully, but i wish there was one for the left arm so I can have two

Mike Tomlin

I love the way it looks and feels but the problem is it is too large around the forearm. It fits my hand and wrist fine. Another thing is the blade is loose and shakes instead of having a guide to keep it stable inside the holder. Other than that I like it.