Tactical 13.5 Inch LED Stun Gun Baton 12M

Powerful stun gun and 13.5-inch baton protect you and keep attackers at a safe distance
12 million volts (2.22 microcoulombs) with incredible added power benefits
Triple stun technology uses three points of contact to create a larger stun radius
150-lumen, 3-watt Cree LED light illuminates an area or temporarily blinds an attacker
5 adjustable light modes; High (100%), Medium (50%), Low (30%), Strobe and SOS

Customer Reviews

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We bought these after a close call with aggressive dogs in the park, they were not leashed and their irresponsible owners were nowhere to be seen. We had guns on us, but using them was a very bad idea since there were several bystanders and children around. It sits well and works well. Looks well made, but time and use will tell! At least I don't have to worry about my family's safety when we're out walking or going to the park.


Product is for protection. Walk small dog. Occasionally unleased large dogs may pose a threat. Not often but there is little one can do if your non-aggressive dog is attacked. You may have enough time to prepare if you carry this baton and are familiar with its use. Sound and one second press will most likely produce enough ozone to alert attacking dog to back off. Once baton is positioned in your hand you are no longer totally defenseless. I hope we won't have to use this product but it appears to work as advertised and we are satisfied.

Jason myhre

It's compact and efficient. Really nice design. I've had a few stunguns this one is by far the best one. Recommend it.