• This sword cane makes an attractive accessory, and it also has a little something extra to keep you safe when you’re out and about
  • It has an 18 1/4” Damascus steel blade that can be drawn from the metal shaft with the push button blade release
  • The handle has a brown wooden knob and is wrapped, Samurai sword-style, in faux rayskin and genuine brown leather
  • The sword cane is 37 1/8” in overall length from knob handle to no-slip rubber toe

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Ehrman

Sword canes provide an unusual but stylish look. Self-defense and style combine to make these swords, which in my opinion are the best.

Tyler Peppe

I just received mine today, I purchased two at the same time and am not disappointed at all with the quality. The blade is beautiful and extremely sharp, the leather-wrapped handle is very stylish and comfortable to hold, and it's also lightweight and easy to use. The only bad thing about my purchase is that the sword on one of the canes was not attached very tightly to the hilt and was a bit wobbly.

David Busch
Excellent Craftsmanship

It's everything you want in a sword cane. The leather, steel, and scabbard are all of excellent quality. It can be easily resized to a custom length. I highly recommend this accessory.

Bumper Morgan
Nice Indeed!

Looks to be well made. The release is a little stiff, pulling the blade out the first few inches, but gets easier with use. It's in great shape and sharp. The leather handle is tightly wrapped and well made, as is the wooden top handle. Very happy with this, thank you!

Dave Pirro

This is a great product! All the cost was spent on the sword, not the cane, and for good reason. You don't want to draw attention to yourself. Your cane needs to look like something no one wants. The overall length is great!