Handmade high carbon steel anime katana with scabbard

  • Overall length (including scabbard): 103cm/40.5"
  • Blade length: 71cm/27.9"
  • Handle length: 26cm/10.2"
  • Blade Max thickness: 0.75cm/0.2"
  • Blade width: 3.2cm/1.2"
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel
  • Sheath(Scabbard) material: Solid wood covered with white lacquer
  • Weight: 1500g/52.9oz
  • Perfect Replica: Our Katana sword of Roronoa Zoro is a perfect replica of the katana in the "One Piece"anime. Made by famous Katana maker, the scabbard has flower-shaped carvings , and the owner is Roronoa Zoro. Handmade version, appearance, blade and handle are all made in accordance with the original animation.
  • Tsuba (Hand Guard): Alloy, Copper
  • Sword Stand: NONE

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
david nordlund

Very good and I am very proud of this purchase. Beautiful carvings and swords! I would like to point out to those who may not realize this, these are not meant for slicing or fur use...they should be called "practice swords". They are so good that all your friends will be impressed...they are for collection only and not for use. I'm still happy with this purchase though. Thank you, True Sword! I love you! Or um...I mean...I love your site! :D

Rikki DeSanto

My first purchase from this site :D Just received them today and I love them! Will definitely order from here again.

patrick kelly

I ordered this set as a Valentine's Day gift for my fiancé and I have to say, I'm impressed, within two weeks of my ordering, the swords arrived and are in very good condition. They were a little greasy at first and difficult to open, but I wiped them clean, wrapped them up, and gave them to my fiancé. ” He was very happy with his gift and I am very happy with the order.I will order from you again. :)