Red Guardian Fantasy Swords Set of 2 with Sheath

  • Stay on guard with the Red Guardian Sword Set!
  • One-piece stainless steel construction
  • Teeth like serrations; fantasy cut outs
  • Heat-treated black baked finish
  • Includes nylon blade sheath
  • Overall length: 28"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Been using it for a few months now and let me tell you, I've used it to chop down trees, clear bushes, cut tatami mats, pretty much everything you can think of with this blade besides killing zombies , it's awesome I took off the black finish and gave it a mirror finish and a cedar handle with a coffee brown paracord Japanese katana handle wrap, it's awesome and will last forever as long as you keep it sharp, It's also probably best to make your own leather sheath like I did.


I bought this just to own a sword. It's cool, but the blade is dull. I had it sharpened by machine. It's fun to throw the fruit in the air and slice it

Michael Cline

Nice sword, I haven't used it, but not as flimsy or dull as others say. (Lethal Sharp) It did puncture the sheathing inside the packaging, but there was no damage to the box or shipping box. The handle packaging is crap, but I'm going to wrap it in baseball bat tape anyway!


This is a very cost-effective sword. I mean almost no spots. My sword has a nice point. Be careful when using it.

Jesse Q.

This blade is great fun for cutting down pine saplings and brush. It holds up well and doesn't bend. The only complaints are that the tang is incomplete and the handle wrap is not good. If you remove the wrapping paper, you will see a weld between the handle and the blade. If you soldered it correctly this shouldn't matter, and the tests I've done so far haven't had any issues.