Police Military Long Distance Electric Shocking Shocker Device Needle Stun Gun

Product Description:
Power supply: 4.8V rechargeable battery
Output voltage: 8000KV
Host weight: 0.19kg
Launching distance: within 5 meters (2.5 meters-3 meters are the best)
Shock delay time: 30 seconds
Arc penetration effect: about 1 inch of clothing
Tip length: 9mm

The main accessories of electric stun guns:
1. High voltage generator (host)
2. 3 transmitters (the transmitter is a one-time use)
3. Laser sight
4. Charger

1. The rechargeable batteries are already installed. Please do not attempt to open the unit, as this will not work.
2. We recommend charging the stun gun for 6~8 hours before it is used. Simply plug the charging cord into the bottom of the unit and into a standard outlet.

Using the Flashlight

With the ON/OFF Switch in the ON position, slide the Safety Switch to the middle position and the LED flashlight will come on. Note: the stun gun will not work with the LED flashlight on.

Using the Gun in Self Defense

1. With the ON/OFF Switch in the ON position and the Safety Switch in the top position, touch your assailant's body with the contact probes and press the Stun Activation Button.
2. Touching anywhere on the assailant's body will have an effect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephanie M Lawson

I haven't tested the remote option yet but it what I see it is very handy and lite for women and the shocker is very strong.

Lillianna Givans

I'm very happy with this purchase and would recommend this electric gun to anyone looking for a good quality at a reasonable price. I fell much more safely now. Thanks

M. Whipkey

It shoots like a real gun,I didn’t test in the person but the distance was like 4-5 meters.Cool thing, bought it for my wife to keep it in the car in case of some dangerous situation.

Mark W

Great purchase. Well-built. I have to find a " volunteer " now.