Outdoor vehicle-mounted portable medical survival bag set

Outsourcing color: red
GB-Y037: Regular bag, 112-piece set
GB-Y037A: Customized bag, 112-piece set
GB-Y038: EVA bag, 284-piece set
GB-Y038PU: PU bag, set of 284 pieces

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Christopher Calabrese

I was expecting a standard first aid kit with a few emergency supplies but this thing exceeded expectations. The container itself is well constructed and very sturdy, but compact enough to hold everything and tuck away into a small backpack if you're going on a hike or a backcountry trip. Fits great in a beach bag as well.

Lorenzo Machuca

Got this for a family member since they had no First Aid stuff at their house. They loved it. Comes with pretty much everything you need for an emergency.


I got this to have in my vehicle in the event of an emergency and it has far more than just band aids.It comes in a nice hard shell case and everything is sorted and put in it's place. There's scissors, gauze, tape, emergency blanket and more.It's everything you'd need and more.

Avery Christy

It includes everything that could could need in an emergency situation, including a little multi purpose tool, a crank flashlight and an instant ice pack, all of which are really useful to have on hand.

Daniel Steva II

Great little kit. Im a person who never has what I need medical wise, so this kit is perfect, it comes with everything you could think of for a small kit.