Outdoor first aid multifunctional medical kit

Outsourcing material: EVA + Oxford cloth
GB-Y071: 62-piece set, net weight 200g
GB-Y020: 79-piece set, net weight 450g
GB-Y072N: 236-piece set, net weight 500g
GB-Y045: 195-piece set, net weight 485g
GB-Y026: 234-piece set, net weight 710g
GB-Y027: 249-piece set, net weight 710g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very nice quality & def comes in handy when I'm out & about with the kiddos. I do wish they it had some sort of ointment in the pack like A&D. The size is just right though, its compact enough to where I can just stick it in their diaper bag & doesn't take up too much space.

Russell Ballard

This comes in handy and packed right - the case is sturdy and convenient.

John Risser

This kit comes in a waterproof cases and pre-stocked with a bunch of items (that would honestly cost more to purchase on their own - I checked). I keep this in my car and throw it in the kayak when I go floating! I have supplemented some items for better brands and added some other items to suit my needs (tube of Neosporin and Benadryl) which fit with no issues (I did remove the sling to make room). There was even enough room to add some blister band aids! I would certainly recommend this product!

George Lubert

Great little kit in a small footprint. Enough room on both sides to add a couple of moleskin pads for blisters just in case.