Outdoor camping survival box multi-functional survival tool set

Size: 170*105*50mm
Net weight: 446g
Functional features: Based on the original 10-piece survival box, this enhanced 13-piece set adds a very practical scroll saw for outdoor survival, a survival blanket, and a water bottle buckle that can match the backpack MOLLE system, making it more collectible. The survival tools stored are all multi-functional. A few simple tools have dozens of functions, which can meet various needs encountered in the process of outdoor survival.
Set accessories: includes:
1. Large flint with butterfly handle;
2. Multifunctional scraper;
3. High-frequency double-hole whistle;
4. Strong light flashlight;
5. Portable knife;
6. Saber card;
7. Copper shell compass;
8. Portable key light;
9. Tungsten steel broken window defense pen;
10. Emergency blanket;
11. Survival scroll saw;
12. MOLLE water bottle hanging buckle;
13. Large waterproof and shockproof storage box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Christopher Calabrese

This was a gift for our grandson who is just entering the boy scouts. He hasn't had the opportunity to use it camping yet, but he has tried some of the items in it.


Perfect gift for anyone who loves to go camping. Was received happily as a graduation gift for a young man. He loved it!

Daniel Steva II

My Grandson loved it. He wants to live in the woods all the time.

Robert Latham

Got this for my 11 yr friends son. He graduated Cubs Scouts and joined the Boy Scouts. He loved the compass the most.

James Griffin

My boys liked them