Multifunctional tactical vest lightweight training clothing

Selected high-quality 1000D military-spec nylon, water-repellent, good breathability, good texture, durability and stain resistance. The front and rear EVA soft insert panels are one-size-fits-all and adjustable in size, thick and wear-resistant.

Included bag list: 1 zippered utility bag, 1 walkie-talkie bag, 1 triple bag.

Customer Reviews

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Eddie Hoskins

Played at the field with this today. Would not bother with the internal mag pouches. Holds up fairly well. Definitely glad I bought this and not some of the more "premium" vests. Saw a few other players rocking the same vest. Can say it worked for them too.


Great for the money. My husband is 6’6” 245lbs and it fits him great. He is a security contractor and has a quality plate carrier with real plates. This isn’t for that, but don’t let that stop you from buying. This is great for a cost effective jpc used for airsoft. The od green is perfect and the material will do its job. You really can’t go wrong with this but understand this is for air soft. It will hold small plates but he couldn’t get his sapi plates to fit. The molle is great as well as the velcro. This product is perfect for a jpc setup in airsoft. Which is why I got it for him.


Looks great. Very nice and sturdy.

Rod Jensen

I use this for airsoft, so I can't give input on how it performs with real plates. However, the vest is built well, and more lightweight than I expected. My only gripe is that the shoulder straps seem to fit awkwardly.

Phillip Ledet

Could you use real plates? Yes. Are there better options at similar prices? Also yes. Soft holed straps are flexible and will not hold real plates firmly.