Long-range ultra-bright outdoor strong light flashlight

White laser wick, 5000mA large capacity
1000 meters range, telescopic zoom
Battery display, Type-C fast charging
Multi-stage heat dissipation, daily waterproofing, self-defense through broken windows
Material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
Weight: 256g
Battery life: 5-17 hours
Power: 16W
Gears: high brightness - medium brightness - low brightness - flash (long press)

NOTE: Batteries not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

As long as you expectations are realistic for the brightness this is a great light. It feels well made, is rechargeable and plenty bright enough for most things the average person would use it for. If you just want a decent light to keep around the house or in a vehicle this would be a great choice.

Talib Aziz

I have no complaints about this item. I can honestly say it is well worth the price. Decent size and weight. I work security so this will be perfect when I’m on duty.


The light is well made and works great; it's very bright and easy to focus, and it turns off easily by holding the on/off button for about 2 seconds. Definitely worth the price of admission. highly recommended!

Wanda Pritts

Unbelievable how strong this little flashlight is! Easy to have in your pocket, and can see SO far! Use it when the dog is out at night to keep an eye out for "other critters" and it works VERY well!

Pamela J.

I love this flashlight. Very bright with no centering of the light. Easy to recharge and has 4 blue lights by the power button that shows how much charge still in the light. I’m even buying one for my friend!