Lightning rod 18 inches LED electric shock rod 7M

18-inch long baton allows you to protect yourself while maintaining a safe distance from your attacker
Compared to other brands claiming 7 million volts (1.46 microcoulombs) or higher
The top of the device generates huge pulses of electricity, producing an intimidating electrical sound
Electricity flows sideways through the Grab Guard stun belt, shocking anyone who tries to grab it
Bright LED flashlight provides light without carrying a bulky flashlight
Rechargeable power supply, plugs into a standard wall outlet, saving on battery costs
Rubber armor coating protects unit and ensures a secure grip
Contact with an attacker causes muscle contraction in less than 1 second, producing a knockback effect
Contact with an attacker for 1 to 2 seconds can cause muscle spasms and confusion
Touching an attacker for 3 to 5 seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control and complete disorientation
Weight: 1.15 lbs; Dimensions: 18" long x 1.25" diameter.
Note: When not in contact with the attacker, only one arc will be displayed, when in contact with the attacker, all arcs will be displayed.
NOTE: The stun gun must be charged for 8 hours upon receipt. It can work normally only after it is fully charged.

Customer Reviews

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Both needs are satisfied - feel much safer in my country neighborhood with a pack of dogs that have attacked my dog and my neighbors dog


Great unit! And it has Side strips to keep an attacker from grabbing it put of your hands, VERY important feature!!!

Pandora J.

Nice item, actually has deterred a few dogs from attacking us on our walks!Needs a lanyard tho.


This feels very sturdy it’s the perfect size and weight to handle quickly will come back and rate if we have to use it