LED Work Light G500 Camp Lighting Camping Light

2000 lumens, multi-angle folding, suitable for multiple scenes.

Customer Reviews

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William B.

I live in a state that has alot of hurricanes and this item is a great help!! This item is light weight, easy for a child to carry around.

Debbie A.

Absolutely love this stuff. We didn't get much sunlight on our first day out, but the charging port provided a backup option. It can last quite a long time on a charge. Used to tie in the tent. This is a great product.

Carol Gray

Very impressed with this. Wanted solar emergency lighting but chose this over others as it can be used in daily life as a bedside reading light. It's really enough to brighten up a room if you need emergency lighting to find something or see your way around. It has a stand so you don't have to hang it or hang it up. The handle is really convenient. It can light up your camping tent.


Good lighting, multiple brightness settings.

Andy Jiang

Bought this for a camping trip and while it never ended, I really enjoyed this little light. Most of the time I leave it on a bright windowsill to charge. I love using it as a night light because it's solar powered so I feel less guilty leaving it on after I fall asleep. You can adjust the brightness a little bit, so I tried adjusting it to the lowest brightness. But if you get close enough to the light, reading is enough. I think this would be a very useful light if the power went out. I accidentally turned it on while I was asleep and it usually goes off in the morning, but I have observed that if fully charged it stays on for at least a few hours. It can be great if you drive to a campground.