Kit Ray Watlock Sword and Cane

  • 26" 1045 carbon steel blade
  • Wooden shaft with cast metal fittings
  • Waxed cord-wrapped handle
  • Hidden button releases blade
  • Overall length: 36 3/4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elkan Kirkling

This cane is just sweet! When i pulled it out of the box, you could just tell that it was made with quality in mind. Good weight, locks up tight and scary sharp out of the box! Totally recommend

Ernesto Perez

Snug fit...just needs a bit of polishing from residue from the inside of the can part other than that theres no clanging from normal cane usage


Have had this cane for about two years and love it, it's nice, sturdy, good weight and the blade is great. I actually use this cane every day and due to the injury I have to use it for the rest of my life, but in daily use sometimes if I'm limping a little more than usual the cane will fall off or the handle will actually fall off exposing what's underneath Tang screw. I think if I put a dowel in the bottom of the handle I could solve this problem. So all in all if you want this cane I highly recommend it but if you are using it every day make sure you keep an extra agent at home

Cynthia Smith

When I was able to start walking after hip surgery, I ordered a cane. Not only is this cane beautiful, but the handle itself can be used as a short-range impact weapon that can collect DNA. The blade is as sharp as they say. The sword maintains good balance when deployed and wielded. The heavy handle helps with forward swing momentum. Highly recommend this