red damascus sword walking stick

  • Powerful, capable self defense weapon
  • Razor sharp 23" Damascus steel blade
  • Heavy cast metal hilt and fittings
  • Faux leather wrappings
  • Black painted hardwood shaft with accents
  • Overall length: 37 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

At first I found the cane a little heavy, but after a few weeks of practice every thing seemed to balance out. The handle is a great with good balance and as a walking aid this cane is great. It a fine tool to have.

Demon eyes kyo

I love this cane! I wish it were a few inches longer so it would be more comfortable. (Yes, I'm tall.) It handles everyday stress well, and the blade is a good one. Very sharp tips! ! !

Ken Rice

Overall the experience was good. I admit the blade is definitely not sharp, but maybe it could be sharpened that way? I don't know but other than that everything else is great. Delivery was prompt, packaging was great and even asked via email to make sure I received my order and everything was in perfect condition! Great customer service! They seem to care about the products they sell to their customers and making sure the quality is consistent.

Ryan Swan

I found it to be slightly heavy for my taste . But acceptable. After a little sharpening it was a great weapon. I have been using it for a bit now and it seems to be very well made. There was a slight rattle, easily fixed with a little foam in the shaft. Great little cane, I would recommend it.

jose salazar

Let’s start with my stats, I’m 6’3″ and weigh 225 lbs. Been practicing martial arts for over 40 years. It never occurred to me that I needed anything more than my hands and feet, never anything else. Then,..I got old, haha, and my lower back hurt and I can no longer use my feet as weapons. so what should I do now? I now need a cane to walk(%$#@%$#), this happened. I started looking around and there was something special on the internet. If I had to use a cane, I'd want one that does more than support me! I looked at hundreds of sword canes on multiple websites. I'm very happy with my purchase! The artistry of this cane is lost in the photo. It looks like a $1,000 cane, but as a fully functional sword cane, you can’t beat it. You can pay more, but why? If you really want a cane that will definitely save your life or the life of a loved one, this is what you need! Please stay safe and hope this helps on your journey!