Infrared Night Vision 350M Mobile Cross Sight


Main Material: Aluminum
Eyepiece: 1.5X
Battery: 1*900mAh 18350 lithium battery (not included)
Display: 1.54 inches 320*320
Image chip: ultra-low illumination 1080P
Optical lens: F1.0/6mm
External apparatus: can be connected to the diameter of 40-48mm aperture of various types of telescopes
External storage: Optional use of 8-128G memory card (not included)
Night Vision Capability: 350m
Item size: 155 * 95 * 58 mm/6.10 * 3.74 * 2.28 inches
Package Weight: 530g/1.17lbs


  • Professional Night Vision: This night vision has a 6mm diameter optical lens with 1080P clarity.
  • Digital display: Equipped with a digital screen, the screen is more comfortable and clearer. And with movable crosshairs on the display.
  • Day and night use: clear video, night vision, day and night use, effective distance 350 meters.
  • Infrared light: Adopt infrared night vision light, which can present a clear picture even at night. If you need to use it in the dark, please turn on the infrared fill light.
  • Easy to install: easy to install, can be installed on the telescope eyepiece, free adjustment, easy to use. It can be connected to all kinds of telescopes with a caliber of 40-48mm.
  • Photo and video export: Photos can be taken and used with a memory card, and pictures can be exported to a computer or from a PC to a mobile phone.

Packing Included

1x Night-Visions Device

Customer Reviews

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E. Brown

Of very good quality. Solid construction. I recommend it.


good product value for money

Nathan Claire

With this, you can definitely see a lot in the dark. Nothing crazy, but for its price, you can't complain too much.


For the price, these work well to check on my poultry at night to ensure that there are no predators after them. As we freerange our birds, we have waterfowl that remain on the ponds at night and kick up quite a fuss. So we use these glasses to keep an eye on them and determine if it is a predator or just out conducting their mating rituals.