Honshu sword with scabbard 1060 high carbon steel

  • The Honshu Broadsword represents a modern spin on a proven, time-tested sword design with sleek, rugged tactical engineering and perfect blade-to-hilt balancing
  • It has a razor-sharp, 33 3/8” 1060 high carbon steel blade that has a partial blood groove, which leads up to the guard
  • The rugged TPR hilt gives you a no-slip grip and both handguard and pommel are crafted of satin-finished stainless steel
  • The 43 1/2" overall length broadsword fits securely in a black wooden scabbard that includes a leather belt hanger

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

This sword is awesome. Light, straight, good temper. It’s a solid and beautiful sword. Wasn’t a negative for me because I really didn’t want it razor sharp, didn’t want to accidentally slice a body part off haha, but it’s not super sharp. It’s not dull, just not shave with it sharp or anything. Scabbard is nice and tight, well made.Definitely recommend this sword.


This is a great, quality, beautiful sword with a nice scabbard, a new age and tactical period for other in-state products. In the picture I have it next to the "1 1/2 Hand Honshu Broadsword" and as you can see the "1 Hand Sword" is almost the same size but heavier. To give you perspective, I'm 6'4" and have fairly large hands, and I can easily put both hands on the handle (and need to reach things).

Johnny Gage

I think it’s great that they used new technology with old school broadsword very sharp out of the box, my blade was flawless and I like the way you can tighten it all up with just the hex nut, Also the balance on this blade is phenomenal well worth buying if you’re into swords, a great one for the collection at this price.


Quality met my hopes and expectations. Able to cut paper straight out of the box, weight and balance are perfect. Treat it with respect and it won't disappoint you. Oil needed to maintain, thankfully it had already received it's first coat.


The sword is very sharp, this is the third Honshu sword I have owned, and the price is so affordable, can't beat it. I went to Walmart and bought some faux leather and wolf hair, the scabbard wasn't the best and if you bumped or scratched anything it would leave marks on your scabbard (case) so I wrapped it in leather Very tight and put some wolf hair around it to add texture to the scabbard. appearance and protection