• This Honshu Boshin sword fuses tradition and innovation to yield a masterwork of sleek, modern sword design
  • The double-edged sword boasts a 30 1/2” 1060 high carbon steel blade that’s unrivaled in sharpness and strength
  • Textured TPR shrouds the handle for an ergonomic no-slip grip and the handle has an oversized polished steel pommel and guard
  • The scabbard is wooden with a semi-gloss black finish and features black faux leather wrapping and cotton cord
  • The sword has an overall length of 40 13/16"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

It’s a great sword, sturdy but flexible, sharp but not enough for my liking but that’s an easy fix. Balance is very good and weight is perfect ( for me anyways) and I like the modern spin on an old design. Can’t beat it for the price. I definitely recommend this blade. I have some very high dollar swords and I will put this next to them in the case!

Jaime Talavera

Shipping was faster than expected and the sword is a beautiful piece that makes for some of the best functioning swords I have ever seen 👍


I really like this sword, think it looks as good as a Samuri sword I have. I like the duel sided sharpness. It looks like a medieval Knight sword just with smaller guard and flat on lower bottom of blade. it came with a plastic wrap and oil on the blade. it is sharpened, but not razer sharp. but this kind of blade is not meant to be. I was able to cut a large cucumber very easy with it. the guard does seem the slightest loose, and think if you really hit something hard with it, it would possibly come loose. but other than that I love it.

Heiland Hoff

The package arrived promptly. The sword is a cool design, and seems very solid and well-made. It feels good in the hands. The blade is more than a quarter inch thick, thicker and heavier than a machete, and less sharp. Double-edge? More like no edge. I originally gave it three stars based upon that, and then came back and added a fourth star to my review after I had cut some poor defenseless milk jugs in half and hacked a tree stump all to bits. The blade actually cut the milk jugs surprisingly well, and it was no duller after I had destroyed a stump than it was when I started. I also stabbed the stump repeatedly; the blade bends but springs back to its original shape. I don't think it is possible to damage this blade, and considering how dull it is, it cuts shockingly well. It is especially well-suited for stabbing. I'm glad I bought it. I'd give it five stars, except that it was advertised as "razor sharp", which it very much isn't.