HL25 Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight

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HL25 is a large-screen direct-vision thermal imaging scope. You can use it to capture or aim at targets with your eyes. Holo HL25 makes upgrades and improvements on the basis of the first generation, it can be used in hunting, searching, aiming, high-end war game, family defense, and other scenarios.


Detector Resolution: 384 × 288
Pixel Size: 12µm
NETD: ≤40mk
Frame Rate: 50Hz
Objective Lens: 25mm
Fieldof View: 10.51 × 7.89
Magnification: 1–4×
Detection Range: (Targetsize:1.7m×0.5m,P(n)=99%) 1299m
Display Resolution: 2.69"OLED
Battery: One replaceable 18500 battery (without)
Max.Battery Life: 7.5h
Weight: (withoutbatteries-18500) <500g
Dimension: 66mm × 90mm × 88mm
Interface: Type-C
Storage: 32G
Operating temperature range: -40 to +50°C


  • The series is equipped with a 2.69-inch ultra-clear AMOLED display which provide a much bigger view making it easier to detect.
  • The Series adopts self-developed high-performance 12μm 384×288 sensor providing crisp HD images.
  • The series uses software to adjust from the original large HD screen to make the image clearer and bring you a better visual experience.
  • LRF is able to achieve facilitate confirmation of prey distance and provide position reference for hunting with an accuracy of ±1m and a maximum distance of 1000m.
  • The series is equipped with a unique quick removal clip for quick hand installation and disassembly from the Picatini guide rail.
  • The screen of cursor position is magnified twice to highlight the target and assist in observing the target details.
  • External screen can prevent water flowing into the interface under rainy scenarios.

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HL25 thermal imaging weapon sight

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