High carbon steel handmade katana wooden scabbard

  • Overall length (including scabbard): 103cm/40.5"
  • Blade length: 71cm/27.9"
  • Handle length: 26cm/10.2"
  • Blade Max thickness: 0.75cm/0.2"
  • Blade width: 3.2cm/1.2"
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel with black and red pattern
  • Sheath(Scabbard) material: Solid Wood covered with black lacquer and red pattern
  • Weight: 1500g/52.9oz
  • Perfect Replica: Our Shusui Katana sword of Roronoa Zoro is a perfect replica of the katana in the "One Piece"anime. The blade is high carbon steel with black and red pattern. Handmade version, appearance, blade and handle are all made in accordance with the original animation.
  • Tsuba (Hand Guard): Alloy
  • Sword Stand: NONE

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elkan Kirkling

Cool sword I'm glad I bought it!

Ernesto Perez

Stunning product, it's mainly for display, that's why it's very unique and beautiful. Although I do wish it didn't have a dull edge. Other than that, there's nothing I didn't like.

Jeffrey Bowlby

I can't believe my order arrived 10 days after I placed it. Quality product did not disappoint and it's hard to believe the price is so reasonable. I will be back to continue building my collection!

Ray Blundell

Very cool sword! It's not as cheap and flimsy as I thought, it's well made and looks very nice. The lettering on the blade is smaller than I expected, but still cool. It's a display sword, for display purposes only, so I wouldn't wield it in the woods or use it to defend your home from Genghis Khan. All in all, this is a stunningly sexy sword.