High Carbon Steel Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword

  • Overall Length: 103cm/40.6"
  • Blade Length: 70cm/27.5''
  • Handle Length: 26 cm/10.24''
  • Blade Material: 1045 High Carbon Steel
  • Blade feature: Fully hand forged, sanding polished
  • Blade Thickness: 7MM
  • Blade Width: 3.2 cm/1.26''
  • Blade Hardness: 50-58HRC
  • Scabbard (Saya)Material: Blue Lacquered Wood saya
  • Scabbard (Saya)Length: 76CM
  • Handle Material: Faux ray skin + Hardwood
  • Ito and sageo: Japanese silk, tight wrapped
  • Blade Tang: Full tang with 2 Mekugi (peg), it is detachable
  • Tsuba Material: Metal Alloy (Gold Dragon Design)
  • Fuchi & Kashira Material: Metal Allo
  • Please note: the sword stand or holder is not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

A very beautiful sword in the Chinese/Korean tradition. I wouldn't call it a katana, but it's a minor quibble. The display box looks nice, but isn't the sturdiest. You pay for what you get. The blade is nice and sharp for this design.


This is a beautiful sword, comes in a nice bag and box, and is a great value steel sword. Chinese blade with Katada handle. You will like it.

Demon eyes kyo

I just received my katana and I'm happy with the look of the craftsmanship of the sword, I haven't done any cutting with it yet but I don't see any foreseeable issues and I like what I got more than what I paid for OK, keep up the good work.

sephiroth valentine

Sharp but not a razor, not too light, not too heavy, mine has some parts that shouldn't move, but overall the blade is good, the weight is good, and the craftsmanship is okay