Head-Mounted G120 High-Definition Night Vision Device


Model: G120
Appearance style: monocular monocular
Image enhancement tube level: Generation 2+ (Gen2+)
Resolution (line pair, lp/mm):48-65
Signal-to-noise ratio (decibel): 17-21
Optical sensitivity (uA/lumen):550-650
Image color: green
Lens coating type: broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coating
Magnification (x, X): 1x (can be equipped with high-magnification lens - 4x/6x/8x)
Field of view (degrees, °): 40
Diopter adjustment range (diopter) (degrees, °): +5/-5
Lens system: F1.2, 25.8mm
Adjustment range of objective lens (meter, m):0.25--∞
Volume (mm, mm): 126 X 77 X50
Weight (grams, g): 391
Power supply voltage (volts, v):2.0-4.2
Battery Type: 1X CR123A lithium battery (WITHOUT)
Continuous working time (hours, h): 80 (infrared off); 40 (infrared on)
Anti-glare protection function: support
Direction sensing automatic switch function: support
Automatic brightness function: support
Battery cover spring embedded design: support
Infrared auxiliary light: support
Built-in infrared indicator light: support
Infrared lamp wavelength (nm): 850
Independent long-distance infrared light: support
Connect mobile phone/SLR camera/digital camera to take pictures and record: support
Replace high power lens (4/6/8 times lens): support
Connect sight accessories: support
Operating temperature range (°C ):-50/+60
Storage temperature range (°C ):-50/+70
Relative humidity: 98%
Failure-free time: 10000 hours
Waterproof and dustproof level: IP65


  • High-performance digital night vision for clear vision: Our head-mounted night vision features a CMOS sensor that provides clear view up to 1X magnification, delivering high-resolution colorful images during the day and black and white images at night.
  • Helmet attachable, portable and easy to use: Our night vision is designed with a pocket-sized structure, which makes it easy to carry and use. You can attach it to your helmet for better usage while on the move (No helmet).
  • Large capacity, long life battery: Our night vision monocular comes with a removable battery, which provides long-lasting power, avoiding the problem of not being able to replace the built-in battery unit if it is damaged.

Packing Included

1 x Night Vision
1x Mounting System

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Forest K. Duncan

This scope is stunning! Installed and saw it today! This is the sharpest optic I have ever used! And arrived quickly in nice packaging!

Joshua Bailey

I am using this to night hunt Armadillos mounted on a tactical helmet. I wear reading glasses, and it is very difficult to get the screen display text in focus if this is mounted on a helmet. It seems I can't get the goggles close enough to my head. Ditch your glasses when your using this.

Ray Andersen

I love using it in the backyard at night. The image quality is excellent and myopia is exactly what I was looking for. I was worried that my eyes weren't getting the right placement and spacing, but I'm happy with the Hoes and I can use these goggles comfortably. I really like the other accessories, like the included carrying case. The buttons are intuitive and allow for seamless switching to different modes. I like what I purchased.