Handmade Spring Steel Japanese Katana Red Flame

  • Overall length (including scabbard): 103cm/40.5"
  • Blade length: 72cm/28.3"
  • Handle length: 26cm/10.2"
  • Blade Max thickness: 0.7cm/0.2"
  • Blade width: 3.2cm/1.2"
  • Blade Material: Spring Steel
  • Sheath(Scabbard) material: Solid Wood with Meteor pattern
  • Weight: 1200g/42.3oz
  • Highlights: Spring Steel, the blade with groove. Beautiful blade is engraved with laser flame pattern. Solid Wood scabbard with meteor pattern paint.
  • Tsuba (Hand Guard): Copper

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Danny Vrasich

I ordered this sword two weeks ago and just received it a few minutes ago. Given the weather this week, I can see why it was a few days late. Let me tell you, the workmanship and quality of this sword is amazing and it was worth the wait. It arrived razor sharp and truly a warrior sword. Thank you Real Sword, I will be ordering again in the near future.

Elkan Kirkling

It feels solid and balanced in my hand, sharp and well-lubricated, intricate. For personal protection this will be sufficient if needed. Also great for wall display. The real sword was well packaged and delivered quickly. Will be purchasing more soon. Thanks.

Jacqueline Noggins

Beautiful katana for the price. Everything gives people a very solid feeling. Nothing is loose. Everything is in mint condition and I am very, very happy with this low budget katana.