Handmade Spring Steel Katana Green Scabbard

  • Overall length (including scabbard): 103cm/40.5''
  • Blade length: 71cm/27.9''
  • Handle length: 26cm/10.2''
  • Blade Max thickness: 0.7cm/0.2''
  • Blade width: 3.2cm/1.2''
  • Blade Material: Spring steel
  • Sheath(Scabbard) material: Solid wood meteor lacquer sheath
  • Handle Material(Tsuka): Solid wood
  • Weight: 892g/31.4oz
  • Highlights: The spring steel is forged and forged by hand. It is made by the ancient manufacturing process of Longquan sword through blank beating, shovel, 24 grinding, pure fire, tempering and manual grinding
  • Tsuba (Hand Guard): manganese steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Elkan Kirkling

I saw it and had to have it. After receiving the goods, I immediately opened the packaging and I was not disappointed. There is a bit of what appears to be glue residue on the pommel, but that doesn't change my opinion. 10/10 and will be a repeat customer.

Dean Shoap

Happy with the purchase, the blades are sharp and flawless, the only issue I had was that they were a bit overpainted so removing them from the scabbard was a pain at first

Jacqueline Noggins

I am very happy with this sword that I recently purchased. This is definitely a very stylish and balanced product. I received it in perfect condition and sharp. I'm looking forward to my next purchase.

Glenn Nutting

The picture of the sword doesn't quite do it justice here! The lines, fit, finish, and construction of this sword are absolutely excellent! Didn't disappoint.