GPNVG 18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggles


Item: DVG-18N
Structural method: head-mounted flip-type four-eye panoramic night vision device
Power supply mode: lithium battery (CR123x1)/CR23x4 external battery box (WITHOUT)
Battery voltage range: 2.6-4.2V
Installation method: head-mounted (standard American helmet interface)
Control mode: ON/IR/AUTO
Machine power consumption: <0.2W
Battery capacity: 800-3200maH
Battery life: 30-80H
Optical magnification: 1X
Full field of view: 120x50+/-2 degrees
Optical axis parallelism: <0.1 degree
Image intensifier: super second generation / third generation low-light night vision tube
Brightness Gain: Automatic
Optical aperture: F1.1822.5mm
Optical MTF: 120LP/mm
Optical Distortion: 3%Max
Relative illumination: >75%
Optical coating: ultra-broadband multilayer optical anti-reflection coating
Focus range: 250mm-∞
Focusing method: manual
Eyepiece exit pupil distance: 30
Eyepiece exit pupil diameter: 8mm
Vision range: +1.5-2.5)
Mesh spacing adjustment method: any continuous adjustable
Eye distance adjustment range: 50-85mm
Mesh spacing locking method: manual locking
Auxiliary light source: 850nm 20mW
Applicable temperature: 40-+55℃
Humidity range: 5%-95%
Waterproof grade: 1P65/IP67
Product size: 155x136x83
Product weight: 880G


  • High-performance digital night vision for clear vision: Our head-mounted night vision features a CMOS sensor that provides clear view up to 1X magnification, delivering high-resolution colorful images during the day and black and white images at night.
  • Helmet attachable, portable and easy to use: Our night vision is designed with a pocket-sized structure, which makes it easy to carry and use. You can attach it to your helmet for better usage while on the move (No helmet).
  • Large capacity, long life battery: Our night vision monocular comes with a removable battery, which provides long-lasting power, avoiding the problem of not being able to replace the built-in battery unit if it is damaged.

Packing Included

1 x Night Vision
1x Mounting System

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Already received this night vision goggle and what a great choice! I can see a lot of things clearly in a dark place, and I can also take photos and record them. I must support such a good thing.