Full-finger protective tactical gloves for outdoor sports

Material: artificial leather
Rubber protection on back of hand
Fingertip anti-slip design
Wear-resistant and breathable

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Overall great glove. Using these at the range and at paintball. They are not Touchscreen compatible. If they are then i am using them wrong. I couldn't get them to work. Great for what I use them for.

william coppetti

Bought these for range use in cooler temperatures. Not disappointed. I own several pairs of shooting/tactical gloves but mostly very thin and light. These are thicker but still retain a bit of dexterity for shooting rifle and pistol. Seem to be well constructed so we'll see how they hold up!

Lord Dawson

Very protective and comfortable it’s also very comfortable and adjustable but can be loose at times


Each finger fits on the end of the glove and trust me, it saved my knuckles from hundreds of cuts and scrapes. So far, I've been using these in the Wisconsin winters, at least until the temps get below zero, and then I'll put some cheap, thin thermal gloves underneath them. I'm amazed by the quality for the price and I'm considering buying another pair in black before they turn black permanently. 5/5 Would recommend to men who work with their hands and don't want to carry around 3 pairs of gloves. It's like a Swiss Army Knife, it's not the best at everything, but you're still the only one on your camping trip with a can and bottle opener.