*FREE* Mystery Throwing Knives (Only 1 FREE ITEM PER ORDER)

Only 1 FREE ITEM PER ORDER. Note that 1 item is given per order or per shipping fee. Each customer is limited to one order at a time, and more than one order will be deemed to be shipped as one order. This means any free items we offer in the store. If you bring more than 1 free item at checkout, only one will be shipped randomly.
This Mystery Knife pack makes it easy for you by receiving one random throwing star knife from our Best Sellers Collection! See what surprise you will receive from us with guaranteed HUGE savings. You will receive completely random items and will be surprised of the awesome stuff that we will choose out for you.
This limited time offer is a great opportunity for all knife enthusiasts!

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Really like this shop this is the 3rd thing I've bought from them everything looks awesome and is very well made look better then the pic perfectly balanced nice and sharp ready for throwing definitely recommend

cool throwing knife

Received within a decent time frame however the knives did not come sharp had a little bit of a point at the end the edges of the blades were flat


The knives are gorgeous and a very nice weight, at least for me. They’re not the most perfectly balanced knives I’ve ever had, and they’re not very sharp. I can press pretty hard into my hand, or make quick cuts but it still wot leave marks on my hand. As long as you’re happy sharpening then on your own or getting them sharpened, they’re really fun, and I like the carrier they come in.

Fantastic shopping experience

They came a day early they look great can't wait to start throwing thanks wish

Very surprised

The throwing knives came a day earlier than estimated. Packaging was great; they came with a protective sheath, which I hadn't been expecting at all. Not a single scratch was on them, and all made it safely through delivery. Everything was perfect. Would 100% buy more products from this store in the future.