Forge Direct Damascus Fantasy Warsword

  • Overall length: 68cm  
  • Blade length: 46cm
  • Blade width: 5.2cm,
  • Handle length: 22cm,
  • Weight: 4.4lbs (2kg)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Wow! very exciting. The handle is very nice and sturdy. The grip feels great. Damascus steel is very cool and the blade is very sharp. Everything is well designed and the quality and size surprised me at how cheap the item is. It also comes with a leather case! Definitely one of the best purchases I've ever made. I definitely recommend this blade.

Anna Herondale

I really like this knife and I think it should be worth more than it's worth, it also comes with a sheath made of leather which could be better but it's still nice.

Gavin Wagner

This knife is pretty good, when I opened the package it was really greasy and slimy, but this way it doesn't get rusty or anything, it's messy so be careful about cleaning the knife itself.

Avid readerl

Let me start by saying Im no professional, but Im starting to get into collecting knives and this one definitely seems worth it. It came covered pretty thickly coated in oil, which I hear is a good sign. The leather sheath seems okay, Ive seen better but its not particularly bad ig. The knife is much larger than it appears in photos, so be warned lol. The blade had some dings on it, but still pretty sharp (ive seen sharper and duller ones, so this isnt bad). Overall Im pretty satisfied with it. And of course it is GORGEOUS. Definitely worth the money imo

Joseph Gourdin

I received a beautiful sword, shiny and new. I highly recommend this trustworthy seller. Thank you so much.