Expandable solid steel baton with pink handle

Open length 16 inches, closed length 6.5 inches;
Unfolded length 21 inches, closed length 9 inches;
Unfolded length 26 inches, closed length 8.5 inches;
The overall size expands with just a flick of the wrist.
Provides users with additional reach to maintain a safe distance from attackers.
Premium black solid steel construction for reliable performance.
Pink plaid rubber handle, comfortable and firm grip.
High quality nylon pink leather case with belt loop for easy portability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

If you want a high quality expandable baton but don't want to pay the price of an ASP baton, then I recommend this baton. Very high quality and excellent locking ability.

Todd Patterson

I've had mine for over a year. I walk my dog day and night and I'm a senior citizen without a gun. I must protect everyone who depends on me. I chose this baton and spray mace for this purpose. I can't run, so if the spray doesn't stop them, the batons will. I chose not to bring a bat because that would have given away my surprise. It opens with a flick of the wrist, a tap or poke in their middle with this baton (26 inches) will make them back away, or a hard wave on the side of the knee will make the damage go away. Give me time to walk away while they see the stars. There are too many dangers in the world.


A few days ago my baton came to me. It is exactly how I thought it would be. Better than any other batons on this site. I bought this baton for person protection since where I live it so not desirable due to a recent amount of break ins and etc. I now feel somewhat safer. If you want a good baton buy this brand you will not disappoint you.