Dual light source outdoor LED solar camping light

It can be recharged by solar energy, USB rechargeable, three light sources, large-capacity lithium battery, can charge mobile phones in an emergency, and can control the light source remotely. Meet a variety of lighting needs. The number of lamp beads is 24*LED. Continuous lighting time is 6-12 hours.

Customer Reviews

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Great size and handle! Super useful! Sturdy! Excellent illumination! Good value for the money!

Cody Perrin

These things work great. I was impressed with the strength of the flashlight part, and the lantern part is powerful enough to add a little light inside the tent or around the entire campsite. The battery lasts for several hours even on high charges. I don't have any real complaints, just a suggestion...the power light flashes red when the battery is low. That's great!


its a nice lantern! needed a rechargeable lantern for my kid to use. really bright, and easy to use!

Josh h.

Purchased this after we had a bad hurricane and needed something better and more portable than what I had. This product is fantastic! I bought these two lanterns a few months ago, they both charge, the material feels solid, not heavy, very light, the battery life is surprisingly long, I use the LED lights outdoors by the fire, the function is over 4/5 Hour. This was after I got them and it sat on my shelf at no extra charge. Good product.


We've used it twice so far. It took nearly 5 hours to charge for the first time, but it still lasted for a while! My daughter went camping with the Boy Scouts again this weekend. Not only does it provide light, it also charges her phone while they sleep in the tent. Multiple light functions are very convenient. Compact size and carabiner clip make it easy to pack and use. We loved it so much that we bought 2 more to put in our car. As an emergency light, it would come in handy, especially when it's time to change a flat tire in the dark and/or protect other vehicles that present a hazard. highly recommended!