Automatic self-defense batons

  • When you're going into a dangerous situation or area, you need a companion at your side that you can count on
  • The solid steel baton shoots out with significant force with just a squeeze of the trigger and locks securely into place
  • The ridged handle gives you a secure grip and the steel pommel has a ring for adding a wrist lanyard
  • The heavy-duty baton is 20 1/2" of striking power when fully extended and it retracts down to a compact 8 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lois Pickett

It has a good weight and for a girl I could retract it back closed on my 1st. try. I like this baton very much so I feel pretty safe knowing I can fight off an attacker if need too.

Lisa Sobler

Impossible to retract. You need a hammer. I'm strong, but I can't!

Ed Damron

Incredible weapon. Is hard to retract which is what you want if the situation arose. Took a little work to make concealable but that is expected. Very formidable. Highly recommend this baton.

Ryan Dubbs

This is the coolest extendable baton I have ever had. Be careful with the automatic extending tough. You can hurt someone just by pushing the button. The spring in this baton is very powerful.

John Phillips

Very good i bought it for my son he is 18 he loved it but one big problem We were walking our dog he brought it with us. He had it in the holster and when the police had drove by they saw it. They stopped us and gave him a felaney and they said its ilegal to own one. Also we live in sa Texas.