2x42 Red Dot Sight with Guide Rail Red Dot Sight


Magnification: 1X
Material: aluminum alloy
length: 153 mm
Click on the value 1 at 100 yards (inches)
Lighting settings: red / green
Brightness adjustment: 5 speed adjustable
Lens coating: complete multilayer film
weight: 252 grams


  • High quality materials,exquisite technology, fine workmanship, better impack/more durable.
  • To creat a professional optical mirror for you, you need such a high quality product!
  • Two size of 11nm and 20nm can be switched, which is convenient and fast, more humanized design, suitable for defferent scenarios.
  • Rotatable diopter adjustment suitable for people with different eyesight, Seiko production humanized design.
  • Powered by CR2032 battery, not included due to transportation issues.
  • Large diameter objective lens with higher light transmittance.

Packing Included

1x Red/Green Dot Laser Sight Scope
2x Metal Mounts
1x User Manual
1x Allen Wrench

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bill Harvey

For the price you can't beat this red dot. I have used it on an AR-15 and GSS-5. Works great!

Doc Brown

It has a solid feel and is easy to aim without too much trouble. The point is still fairly noticeable even at the lowest setting, but I only used it indoors in controlled lighting conditions, not in bright sunlight. Other than not having a lens cap or having enough space to install an aftermarket cap, I would recommend it.

Russell Bolender

I just love this scope on my AR's, and have bought three of them so far. Decent eye relief, but the scope is like a tank with its armored shell. The only draw back is that the hinges on the scope covers are slightly flimsy, and extra care must be exercised when taking weapon out of the case. I have yet to need the eliminated reticle, but I am sure it will work just fine. I mounted one of these on my grand son's AR-15, and he was able to zero his rifle with little to no trouble. Bear in mind, he had NEVER used any kind of scope before.


I like the short length and light weight of this scope. I mounted it on my rearview mirror and the eye relief was perfect. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the hinge on the cover is terrible. I pulled a pin out of the back cover and luckily I didn't lose the little spring. I replaced their pins with touch-up nails, snipped off the ends, added a bit of bluing solution, and voila...permanent fix. I'll do the cover when it's gone. Overall, I'm very happy with the range.

James Gillespie

I was skeptical at first, but once it arrived and was installed on my rifle, it was obvious I was getting a good gun. At full power the scope will get a little dark, but I expect the rangefinder AO to be well worth the money. The image was clear enough that at 250 yards I could make out the individual treads on the poplar seeds still hanging from the branches. I picked up the 5-inch hood, which made a huge difference in glare, and photographed a myna at 40 yards, only a few degrees from the sun at my angle to it. It's easier to see it with a scope than with my eyes.