22-Inch Rechargeable LED Shock Batt 100M

The ultimate 22-inch stun bat protects you and keeps attackers at a safe distance
100 million volts of electricity (1.85 microcoulombs) with powerful spiked lining
360 lumen LED light can temporarily blind attackers and illuminate dark areas
5 selectable light modes; High (100%), Medium (50%), Low (25%), SOS and Strobe
Shockproof military-grade aluminum alloy body provides drop protection and survives hits
Handle covered with non-slip rubber for added comfort and excellent grip
Level 3 safety with on/off switch, function selector switch and shock activation button
Includes window glass breaker that twists onto end of baton for emergencies
Powered by 2 rechargeable batteries that can be charged in the device using the included power cord
Contact with an attacker causes muscle contraction in less than 1 second, producing a knockback effect
Contact with an attacker for 1 to 2 seconds can cause muscle spasms and confusion
Touching an attacker for 3 to 5 seconds can cause loss of balance and muscle control and complete disorientation
Dimensions are approx.

Length approximately 22 inches.

This baton weighs 1.66 lbs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This taser is the one to have, will completely knock the violator out cold.

Sergio P.

You can take this with you go hiking bobcats, mountain loins and dogs will turn and hall ass so fast I’m not kidding, haven’t a chance to tried it on a Bear yet but the first three your good to go, when ever you go in the woods always carry Bear spray ALWAYS

Jonathan Barnett

With my new puppy being a high theft dog, this goes with us everywhere we walk. The size and sound alone are quite the deterrent. It hasn’t been used on anyone yet but I feel safe with this at my side.


Bought these for my 2 daughters for their self protection. Wow, after looking at these, they are made well, and God help the person that would end up getting tased by one of them. Would definitely buy again.


I love that it's heavy duty, it's not plastic, the light works perfect, the sunlight is great, easy to use and fast, I love the box to store and carry it with, it's definitely exactly what I meant and I love it.