20mm Red and Green Dot Laser Aiming Lights


Type: Tactical Gun Light
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Lumen: 800LM
Lighting Color: White
Laser Color: Green Laser/Red Laser
Lighting Distance: 90M
Laser Distance: 500M
Laser Max Output Power of Laser: <1mW
Battery life: lighting only (strong light): 50 minutes; laser only: 110 minutes; lighting (strong light) + laser: 30 minutes
Lighting Mode: Strong Light, Flash, Weak Light;
Charging Method: Type-C
Suitable for guide rails: MIL-STD-1913 guide rails, with 5 card slot blanks (GF, GL, GA, GH, GC)
Weight: 72g
Waterproof: IPX7


  • The handgun light has 800 lumens on flashlight and is super bright. The green laser has a range of up to 90 meters at night. Besides, the green laser is easy to see even in bright conditions.
  • Powered by a built-in battery,recharge by Type-C ,which is very convenient and fast. red on when charging, red off when fully charged.
  • Ambidextrous switch to access three modes: laser only (run time:110min), flashlight only (run time:50min), flashlight + laser (run time: 30min). In addition, our tactical flashlights include a steady mode/strobe function. And the strobe function would be helpful in a dangerous situation.
  • Equipped with an adjustable spring screw and 5 card slot blanks (GF, GL, GA, GH, GC) .The pistol light laser combo can almost be mounted on pistols with MIL - STD-1913 rail . NOTE: NO RAIL, NO FIT!

Packing Included

1x Pistol Laser Torch Combo with National Standard Rail Adapter
5x rail adapters (GF, GL, GA, GH, GC)
2 wrenches
4 small screws
1 x USB charging cable
1x manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Prompt processing and shipping. Excellent service. Product is exactly as described and fits my need perfectly.

David A Smith

Works well. Easy to use

Steve Shaffer

This is a nice bright sight and very handy for night use.It giver three typesA green dot laser.A very bright flashlightAvery bright flashlight with the green dot in the center.It has a pair of wings out the back that you just squeeze to activate. This is also great for darkness.I do recommend this for pistols.


A good value. I tried several before and this light is the brightest! The switch to choose the laser or the flashlight is located great

Jed Todd

I started with this light/laser on a KelTec P17, moved it to a Canik TP9SFx, and now it’s on my Sig P365 x macro comp. You can’t beat it for the price and it’s so easy to swap between rails. I’m going to keep it on the 365 at night but take it off for EDC. Any other light/laser had better be very good to replace this one.