17-50 Caliber Red Dot Laser Sight


Color: red laser sight
Material: High Quality Aluminum
Maximum output: ≤5 mw
Wavelength: 532nw
Laser class: IIIA
Colour: Black
Length: 7"
Big End Diameter: 0.8"
Small end diameter: 0.169"
Shortest barrel available: 1.95"
Power: 1x CR2 Lithium battery (not included)


  • Improve Accuracy: It can emit a stronger green larse beam, providing a precise refefor zeroing in on your target, allows for quick and accurate resetting of rence any sights.
  • Big button switch: Big and sensitive button switch, convenient to control, just lightly press to turn ON/OFF the laser.
  • Applied More Model: Upgrade 9 pieces bore adjustable adapters to fit all .17 - .54 caliber pistols and rifles.So you just choose right size adapter and place the laser unit in the muzzle.
  • Clear & Bright Beam: Clear and bright green laser, which is not easily affected by weather and has sighting longer rang, allows you to accurately aim at the target even in low visibility.
  • Lightweight & Durable: Adapts with superior materials, excellent metal structure design and assembled by professional craftsmen, it provides with a long service life of trouble-free use. Compact design for convenient to storage.
  • Easy to use: Comes with tools, just following by guide of manual, choosing appropriate size adapter and place the laser unit in the muzzle.

Packing Included

1 * Green laser bore sighter (Boresighter),
12 * Adapters(fit .177 to 12GA Caliber)
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James H

Seem very well made, can fit many different calibers. Works well, would not hesitate to buy again.


As a firearm instructor I have used my share of laser bore sights and this is actually one of the better ones of its type. I say of its type as muzzle mounted bore sights will seldom be as accurate as ones fitting in the chamber of the gun. However, for its type it really works well. The CR2 batteries are way better than the tiny coin cells that are tricky to insert and turn the unit on as soon as inserted in some models. The range of caliber adapters is very good (avoiding large jumps between adapters that make for loose fitting and thus inaccuracy) and means you don't need a bunch of separate bore sights of the chamber-fitting type if you are working with multiple calibers. Finally, the positive on/off switch gives a healthy click to let you know it has been turned on or off. Overall, a great little bore sight for the price - I'd recommend it to my students or any other shooters wanting a single bore sight fora number of different firearms.

Dylan Reynolds

I love the bore sight laser for sighting in my rifle scopes. Saves time and ammo.


My husband uses it for his guns


Quickly bore sighted all my firearms from 22lr up to 12 gauge. My scopes are no hitting on paper and saving ammo sighting in. First time out I was closer than a recently bore sighted scope from a gun shop.