103A Inner Four-speed Red Dot Stealth Sight

  • Product Name: Holographic Sight
  • Product features: inner red and green dots are invisible
  • Product model: 103A
  • Magnification:1 x
  • Product diameter: 22mm
  • Product fixture: 20mm
  • Whether with lights: red and green lights
  • Product size: about 7CM
  • Product material: aluminum alloy
  • Product color: black
  • Differentiation Image: Four Changepoints(The color of the light spot can change from red to green, and the brightness can be adjusted)
  • Fixture selection: 11mm narrow, 20mm wide
  • Battery: CR2032 button battery 3v
  • Tube diameter: 33mm
  • Material: Aviation grade aluminum alloy
  • Package:
    1 x Red Green Dot Sight 20mm
    1 x mirror cloth
    3 x Wrenches (3mm and 1.3mm diameter)
    1xcr2032 button battery

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I’ve only had this scope for a short while but we bore sighted it, then took it to the range to sight it in. It was easy to zero, holds zero and is very accurate. It’s clear to see through and the option of different type reticles is a nice addition.


Fast shipping, same as in the photo, I recommend it


Well made ,i like the infinite adjustable intensity feature over set "clicks" of illumination intensity of the reticle`s . The reticle`s are the crispest i have ever seen over other models of this format . It comes packed in a very nice plastic hard case for storage with a flip latch not a paper box like the others do . Worth the money and i will buy more of them !!

frank K.

This model is very accurate and a great value. (Purchased 3) 2 on rugers and 1 on Volquartsen.

George D

Havent put any rounds thru yet so i cant say how well it holds but zeroed it in with a bore sight on my AR 9 and that was a breeze. will update after some range time.