Streetwise TRIPLE Sting Ring

  • Larger Stunning Area: The triple barbed ring has three times the contact area of our best-selling barbed ring.
  • DESIGNED FOR DEFENSE: Hold your device tightly to prevent it from falling out of your hands. Ease of use, concealment, and high amperage make this one of the best new stun gun models on the market today!
  • Knuckle Protection: The rings on the triple spines cover three fingers, providing extra protection when it is time to punch an attacker.
  • Squeeze-N-Stun Technology: Simply squeeze for quick and easy activation.
  • Concealed by hand: The base of the device is hidden inside your clenched fist, leaving only the spiked ring exposed.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: No need to carry bulky self-defense products. Ideal for those who work out outdoors or get in and out of the car.
  • Safety features: To prevent accidental discharge, the spike ring is equipped with a safety switch.
  • Rechargeable: Micro-USB charging cable included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Keara Harrid
Exactly as advertised

Great product. Got here fast. Exactly as advertised.


Great knuckles stun gun⚡ Packs a punch 👊


Its so easy to use. Made very easy to use.


I was a little timid at first as I hadn't held a taser in a long time, but I found it comfortable in the hand which gave me confidence that I could protect myself! I can't always count on my fiancé to be there 24/7, you know? ! ? I like that it has a really nice safety lock area so you don't accidentally turn the shock on yourself lol Anyway, I want to buy another one for my fiancé for Christmas.

Dennis Cox

Have friends asking where they came from I should get a commission lol things are neat.